Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snopocalypse noworlater

i watch the windows
like bunny ears-less tvs
but the picture
is surprisingly sharper
than I thought it would be.

fridge is all stocked,
my baby is in bed,
dreaming of getting
work done, instead

of snow day excitement
weighing heavily
on children's minds.

I find that time
has already made me
a grump,

cancelling school
in New York City
would be like
telling the Hudson
not to flow,
or telling New Jersey
don't have chemically altered
multi colored sunsets,

or giving the 4 train
the night off.

Now schools are closed
before snow even arrives.

I'm waiting
for the
to come,

so i can salt my way
towards redemption
without anyone's tears.

I'm waiting
for the
to arrive,

so people who know
how to shovel
can be first in line.

so folks who can make
anything taste good
enjoy how prepared
they are
for the snopocalypse

that blows
global warming away.

screw it!
who needs polar ice caps
or domestically grown grain
leave your car on, I say.

maybe today
that will bring about
the snopocalypse,

brought on by
angry nimbus clouds
pounding the capital
for not burning
the senate wing of the capitol
into ashes thatwould
blend in quite nicely with the snow

and the city of brotherly love
for hosting
inferior sports teams.

and Baltimore for
not living up to the
expectations of fans of the Wire

i want tostay up and watch
more picture window tv
but i'm tired
and the picture in picture
is working too well
for a day predicting
two feet
guess i'll take my
four eyes
ten fingers
six limbs, including
two feet
and go
to sleep

but the snopocalypse
might come,
and I don't want to miss it,
what if the dinosaurs
melt the snow
before I wake up?

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