Tuesday, February 23, 2010

schrodinger date

she says
the nicest things
about me,

but I have no clue
if she's serious
or just wasting
my time.

smiles so sweetly,
what i bring to the table,

but i wonder
if this is just some fable
she concocted
since we were set up

on this date
by a mutual friend.
this shit again?

i thought days
of misread signs
at an end,

instead of friendzone,
worrying about

i thought a benefit
of being married
was I'd never
have to wonder
like this again,

buti'm here,
thinking about calling you
trying to make more points
and smalltalk my way
out of this, miss
please believe me
i'm the one you need
all them other
sisters and brothers
won't treat you
won't proceed
with the same skills
i got in my right fingernails,

i'll be a freak in the field
and a gentleman in the office,

just please,
call me for that second date.

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